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29 03, 2020

Let’s Get You Back on Track Post COVID-19


Whether it's financial, professional, personal or well-being, everyone has been affecting by the coronavirus in one department or another.  It's time to lick our wounds and nail down the path to recovery.  If the American economy can recover from 9/11, we can recover from this as well. It's almost certain you've read up on all [...]

Let’s Get You Back on Track Post COVID-192020-05-06T21:19:55-07:00
1 03, 2020

No One Can Find You Online Without a Solid SEO Strategy


If your new business is fueled purely on referrals then congrats!  SEO may not be that important to you.  If not, then it might be time to get the facelift on your website you’ve been putting off.  Or maybe you’re still holding out and haven’t pulled the trigger on a site for your practice at [...]

No One Can Find You Online Without a Solid SEO Strategy2020-04-26T10:10:55-07:00
16 02, 2020

Culture in the Dental Chair


Is there a particular culture that you serve in your practice that is substantially different from your own?  What attempts have you made to go beyond your current knowledge of these cultures to learn more about them?  Proper greeting etiquette and body language can go a long way with making a great first impression on [...]

Culture in the Dental Chair2020-05-06T11:10:54-07:00
2 02, 2020

News Flash: The Patient Doesn’t Always Come First


If taking care of patients and making them feel warm and fuzzy isn’t ranked #3 on your top priorities in a practice, something is lacking with your team. The heart and soul of a practice is managing (and manipulating) the schedule.  It’s your livelihood, it’s what pays the staff and keeps the doors open.  This [...]

News Flash: The Patient Doesn’t Always Come First2020-04-29T09:31:19-07:00